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In this section, we will cover the steps and best practices for project creators on Safe Harbour, including preparing your project materials, creating a campaign, engaging with your community, and managing funds through the platform's smart contract features.

Preparing your project materials Before creating your campaign on Safe Harbour, it's essential to prepare all the necessary materials to present your project effectively and establish trust with potential backers:

a. Create a private Discord or Telegram group for your backers, where they can discuss the project, ask questions, and receive updates from you. This creates a dedicated space for your community to interact and stay informed about the project's progress.

b. Prepare a detailed presentation PDF file outlining your project's goals, timeline, team members, unique selling points, and other essential information. Include links to your team's previous work or projects, demonstrating your competence and experience. This will help potential backers understand your vision and the project's scope, while also establishing credibility.

c. In the presentation PDF, clearly mention your team members' roles and expertise, as well as any relevant partnerships or collaborations that will contribute to the project's success. This information helps build trust by showcasing the skills and resources available to execute the project.

d. Design and create high-quality images or GIFs for each reward tier that will be uploaded to the Safe Harbour app. These visuals will be used to generate NFTs for every level of support and should clearly represent the benefits associated with each tier. Additionally, consider collaborating with artists to infuse the images with artistic or collector value, making them more appealing to backers. If you lack the funds or skills to create these images, you can also use AI tools like Stable Diffusion or Midjourney to generate visually striking images.

e. While not mandatory, it is strongly recommended to create a presentation video of your project. Upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo and include the link in your campaign materials. A well-crafted video can effectively communicate your project's vision, showcase your team's passion, and increase engagement from potential backers.

Creating a campaign Once you have prepared your project materials, follow these steps to launch a new campaign on Safe Harbour:

a. Open the Safe Harbour app and click on "Start a Campaign."

b. Fill out the required information, including your project's title, description, funding goal, and deadline. Make sure to provide clear and concise details to attract potential backers.

c. Upload the prepared visuals and set up reward tiers for backers by defining different NFTs and associated benefits for each level of support.

d. Review your campaign details, and when you're ready, click "Submit" to launch your campaign.

Engaging with your community Building a strong community around your project is crucial for its success. Here are some ways to engage with your backers and foster a sense of belonging:

a. Regularly share progress updates, behind-the-scenes content, and news about your project in the private Discord or Telegram group to keep your backers engaged and informed.

b. Encourage feedback from your backers and involve them in the decision-making process when appropriate. This helps create a sense of ownership and commitment among your supporters.

c. Highlight milestones, achievements, and positive feedback from backers on your campaign page and social media channels. This promotes a sense of community pride and encourages others to join and support your project.

Managing funds with smart contracts Safe Harbour utilizes smart contracts to ensure transparency and accountability in the allocation of funds raised during your campaign. Here's how the process works:

a. After your campaign reaches its funding goal, you'll create proposals detailing how you plan to use the funds. Each proposal should include a description of the intended use, the amount of funds required, and an estimated timeline for completion.

b. Your backers will have 7 days to vote on your proposal. A proposal is accepted if it receives more than 50% of positive votes.

c. Once a proposal is approved, you can withdraw the specified amount of funds from the smart contract, allowing you to allocate resources to the project as needed.

By using smart contracts, Safe Harbour empowers project creators to maintain transparency, build trust with their backers, and create a strong community around their projects. In the following sections, we will discuss how backers can participate in campaigns, trade NFTs, and benefit from the platform's features.

To further establish trust in a decentralized environment, project creators should also consider implementing the following practices:

Hosting live Q&A sessions

Regularly schedule live Q&A sessions via video conferencing platforms or within the private Discord or Telegram group. This allows backers to directly interact with the project team, ask questions, and clarify any concerns. A personal touch can go a long way in building trust and rapport with your supporters.

Showcasing progress through demos and prototypes

As your project progresses, consider sharing demos, prototypes, or proof-of-concept materials with your backers. This tangible evidence of progress helps demonstrate that the project is on track and that the team is committed to delivering on its promises.

Providing detailed financial reports

To further enhance transparency, periodically provide detailed financial reports to your backers(They can also be very short). These reports should outline the allocation of funds, itemize expenses, and explain any deviations from the original budget. By being open and accountable about your project's finances, you can strengthen the trust between your team and your backers.

Collaborating with trusted third parties

To boost your project's credibility, consider collaborating with trusted third parties, such as established companies, industry experts, or well-known advisors. These partnerships can add value to your project and lend their reputation to help build trust with potential backers.

By following these best practices, project creators can successfully navigate the decentralized nature of Safe Harbour and win the trust of their backers, ultimately leading to a thriving community and a successful project.

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