In this section, we will discuss how backers can participate in campaigns, support projects they believe in, trade NFTs with artistic or collector value, and benefit from the features offered by Safe Harbour.

Discovering and supporting projects

As a backer, you can browse through a variety of projects on Safe Harbour, filtering by categories, funding progress, or other criteria to find projects that resonate with you.

To support a project:

a. Visit the Safe Harbour app and click on "Discover Projects" to explore ongoing campaigns.

b. Select a project that interests you and review its campaign materials, such as the project's description, images, videos, reward tiers, and the artistic or collector value of the NFTs offered.

c. Choose a reward tier that suits your preferences and click on "Pledge" to contribute funds to the project.

d. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the transaction using your MetaMask wallet and USDC tokens on the ETH l2 network choosed. Once the pledge is done, the NFT you received will appear in the "My NFTs" section of the Safe Harbour app.

Receiving and managing NFTs

When you pledge to a project, you will receive a unique NFT that represents your level of support and the associated rewards. These NFTs may have artistic or collector value, making them more attractive to backers. The NFT grants you access to the project's private Discord or Telegram group, where you can engage with the creator and other backers. You can view and manage your NFTs in the "My NFTs" section of the Safe Harbour app:

a. Open the Safe Harbour app and navigate to the "My NFTs" section to see the NFTs you have received from pledging to projects.

b. If you sell or trade your NFT, the new owner will automatically inherit the rights and future rewards associated with the NFT, as well as the artistic or collector value.

Participating in the voting process

As a backer, you have the power to influence how the funds you pledged are utilized. You can vote on proposals submitted by the project creator to ensure that the funds are allocated responsibly and transparently:

a. Monitor the private Discord or Telegram group for announcements about new proposals from the project creator.

b. Review the details of each proposal, which include a description of the intended use, the amount of funds required, and an estimated timeline for completion.

c. Cast your vote within the 7-day voting period. A proposal is accepted if it receives more than 50% of positive votes.

By actively participating in the Safe Harbour community, backers can contribute to the success of the projects they support, help creators bring their ideas to life, and enjoy the rewards and benefits associated with their NFTs, including the artistic or collector value that makes them unique and desirable.

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