🌼Our core values

The Safe Harbour platform and community are driven by several core values that set it apart from other Web 3.0 projects. These values guide the platform's mission and vision, creating a unique identity and fostering a sense of belonging for all its members. Here are the key values of Safe Harbour:

  1. Purpose-driven projects: Safe Harbour is committed to financing projects that have a real impact and contribute positively to society. The platform aims to bring meaningful change to the world through innovative apps and games, groundbreaking films, life-changing books, Social impact initiatives...

  2. Community engagement: Safe Harbour believes in the power of community building and actively encourages collaboration between project creators and backers. By fostering a supportive, inclusive environment, Safe Harbour aims to create a strong network of like-minded individuals who share a common vision.

  3. Transparency and accountability: Safe Harbour's use of blockchain technology ensures that all transactions and funding decisions are transparent and secure. Backers have the ability to influence how their funds are used, and creators can keep their supporters informed about project progress, fostering trust and collaboration.

  4. Democratization of opportunities: Safe Harbour is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, making it easy for creators and backers from around the world to participate in the platform. By removing barriers to entry, Safe Harbour aims to make crowdfunding and community building more inclusive and diverse.

  5. Embracing innovation: Safe Harbour is dedicated to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, particularly in the areas of blockchain and NFTs. The platform continually seeks to leverage new developments in order to offer the best possible experience to its users and to drive positive change in the Web 3.0 landscape.

  6. Empowerment of creators and backers: Safe Harbour aims to give power back to the people by providing creators with the tools and support they need to bring their projects to life, and by giving backers the ability to influence project development and fund allocation. This mutual empowerment creates a symbiotic relationship that benefits all parties involved.

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